5 Tips To Shaving Your Bikini Area

5 Tips To Shaving Your Bikini Area

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Since I live really close to the beach and the water is always warm all year round, I am always around the water. One of the things that I realize when I am there is that many people forget to shave their bikini line and that is very unattractive. What I am here to give you is 5 bikini shaving tricks to help you keep your hair trimmed and looking good without all the hassle.

5 Bikini Shaving tricks

-You should start by trimming down the hair around the bikini line to make it simpler to shave later. The initial trimming may help you become accustomed to having less hair in that area and make it less difficult avoiding discomfort or irritation later. After trimming the hair, it is advisable to wait for a period of three or four days prior to shaving as this would lessen the discomfort later.

-Use Warm Shaving Cream – In order to get a smooth bikini line, you need to use warm shaving cream to make it happen. To make this process easier I recommend that you use a shaving cream warmer. Many people forget to buy themselves one of these and that is part of the reason why they don’t have the best shave every time.

-A Sharp Razor Is Helpful – It is never a good idea to use a dull razor, they just don’t cut your hair the way you need them to. What I recommend is that you always use a sharp razor no matter what area you are shaving. If you use a sharp razor then you will see and feel the difference every single time.

-Clean Hair Cuts Easiest – Are you aware of the fact that dirty hair is harder to cut? This is why most hair salons wash your hair before they cut it and that is why you need to make sure your hair is clean as well. The great thing about cleaning your hair prior to shaving is that it will be a much closer shave and the chances of it bothering you later are slim to none.

-Shave A Day Before – If you have ever shaved right before you get into a pool or the ocean then you know that your recently shaved hair is rather irritating. This is part of the reason why you need to shave a day before you get into the water or go out on the beach. If you don’t have time to do this then don’t worry about it, but if you do then make sure you save what you can because it will look and feel much better.


I really hope these 5 bikini shaving tricks help you out because I know that they do work. A lot of people don’t like to shave down there simply because of the way it feels but what you need to understand is that when you do it right, it feels great. Trust me, shaving is what makes many of us look better and that is why we all need to keep doing it.


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